Good Morning, World!


There’s something comforting, and ostentatious at the same time, about cuddling in on monday mornings. That is I am cuddling myself with a good read. But soon, the draw of cuppa coffee is too strong, besides The Great Gatsby is getting longwinded. While I can’t be bothered to clean the damage from last weekend’s party, I’ve decided to change my blog’s platform, moving back to the clean-faced wordpress. I’m fickle minded like that.

I’m a teeny weenie bit upset that I didn’t get to experience snow this winter. I missed it by a week! But of course, with all those snow, my flight would have been cancelled and I’d miss the next connecting flight. I should be grateful that I’m in a warm country right now, though the sun refuses to come out and play these days.

Anyway, we’re on the second month of 2012. Already! I have not lifted a single finger all these while. Tsk! Time to get back in action and chant some “Ommmm..”



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