A Step Forward

Foreword: What I’m about to write is non-food related. So if you’re turned-off already, stop reading. I want to tell you about a friend, the friend who knocks on my door every month, bringing good news (that’s how we see it at least, to date). The friend who often pisses me off when she catches me off guard and creates a mess. But this friend is also me, my body, my inner sanctum. I love this friend. At least, when I’m not hating it.  But if you’re a man, please scroll down to the men section and read it. 

Codicil: I pen this a while back so pardon the time difference.

I felt I just need to tell this to the whole world. This is just 2 months into the new year and I’m already learning something new! Doing better, the corporate-speak of “continuous improvement”. Anyway..

Have you ever heard about menstrual cup? No? Well, you’ll not going to read about it here, at least not extensively. But it is the environmental-friendly replacement of all things tampons and pads. It’s in the shape of a tulip tube and you insert it up close to your cervix. OKKK.. Too much info!!

Anyway, I first learned about this when I was lurking through a running blog about tips and tricks of running in zero degrees: what to wear, how to keep motivated, the best time of the day to run, etc. Then this blogger posted about menstrual cup being her life savior, it smoothens the transition between non-menstrual days to menstrual days. In fact, in her words, the cup helps her feel not menstruating during her menstrual days! How great is that?? Any physically-active female would die for such products, especially when it has so many benefits. Accident free, wearable up to 12 hours, suitable for sleeping, no need to change in dirty toilets.. not to mention, the cheaper cost in moderate time frame (say 6 months), and to top it off, we’re creating less garbage and reducing carbon foot print! Now, where’s my halo? It’d better be glowing.

So if you want to know more, you can go to the menstrual cups support group here.

Personally, I didn’t make a drastic change from pads to menstrual cups directly. I have been using tampon for almost a year. I love it, didn’t face any struggles when using it. So transitioning to a menstrual cup is a natural progression.

Now, if you are a man, this is what I want to say: encourage yourself, your partner or your girlfriend to always do better. About a year ago, when I was shopping in Carrefour with my husband looking for sanitary pads, he asks what is the difference between tampon and pads, which one is better. I explained to him to which he responded, “Why don’t you try? Get a good one, from a reputable brand and try. See if you like it.” And that’s how I got on to wearing tampons. H even stayed with me in the hotel bathroom, translating the french instruction into English, averting his eyes because it was eeks!! but physically and mentally with me as I tried to insert it for the first time. In another word, he nudged me, put this idea into me, that if something is better, why not try and test it. And I hope and pray that you’ll give the same support to your partner.

I also want to link up the blogger who introduced me to it, but I couldn’t find her blog anymore. I didn’t remember, but thank you. So far, so good 🙂


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