Road-testing Polenta Tart

We have just started watching The Breaking Bad last night, S1E1. We’re late, I know. But when Cap’n Cook said making crystal meth is an art, I can’t help but ponder whether my own cooking is an art. It hasn’t felt that way, never has been. It is a hobby, a journey of self-discovery, a means to an end and certainly an expression of love and devotion. But never I really consider it as an art. Occasionally I do try to aesthetically garnish the plate because I eat with my eyes too.

So today, I decided to experiment making a polenta tart with eggplants. Because H has meatless lunch on Friday and he’s just started losing his Xmas weight. And polenta is something he doesn’t like.

I cooked the polenta, baked it. Caramelized the onions. Prepped the eggplants, mushroom and cream sauce. But all that starts well doesn’t necessary end well.

After 20 mins of baking, the egg plant was still undercooked. When I baked 20 mins further, it was well cooked, but brown. Ugh, so unappealing.

To make it worse, I can’t even cut through the eggplant. It’s the skin’s fault, not mine.

Lessons learnt.
#1. Eggplants need to be cooked/ grilled before baking.
#2. Peel the skin entirely, or at least do a zebra.
#3. Cooked eggplant isn’t the most appealing subject. Roasted tomato is probably better. Or leeks, mushroom. Better still, chicken. Hmm..
#4. Polenta makes a great tart. Cooked with chicken broth, added with some cheese then bake. Heavenly. The best thing about this is it requires much lesser work than pate brisee and healthier too.
#5. I took 43 photos just on this alone and these are the most appealing photos. It shows how great i am a photographer.  Ayayayaya..


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