Hit and Miss: Take 2

There’s something on the air that disagrees with me. I don’t know what, but nothing turned as planned. I made a pesto sauce with spring onion today. Sounds amazing right?

I thought why not try making pesto with sunflower seeds too? I’m like that. When I get an idea inside my head, I don’t stop and think twice.

Well, this is what I learn:

  1. Spring onion has a very strong taste, so use in moderation. I would make sure the basil is in greater quantity (and not the other way around).
  2. To pair it with sunflower seeds is a big mistake. The spring onion needs something sweeter like pine nuts or pistachio.
  3. I eventually added sun dried tomatoes (and its oil) to make the pesto more palatable, not so oniony. This works wonders in terms of taste, but this also turns the color into muted mustard.
  4. I added coarsely ground black pepper and lemon juice. This is a big hit for us.
  5. Parmigiano regiano is a must or hit it a notch higher with aged Pecorino. Don’t bother to use milder cheese such as grana padano. I probably dumped about half a cup just to balance the flavor.
  6. Big revelation: Pesto-based pasta is very un-waist-friendly. The amount of Olive Oil, no matter how extra virgin or extra light, it is still oil.

Not the most appealing photo, but this is what my spring onion pesto looks like when I refuse to add another big glug of EVOO. I have already used half a bottle! 

It’s very dense and thick, albeit full of flavor. I added diced chicken pan-fried in salt and pepper. We ended up polishing the entire pot, but it’s not something I’d offer to my guests. 

I really need to get my hands on that Flavor Bible.

On the other hand, here’s a link to a spring onion pesto that looks successful. It certainly looks better than mine, hands down.


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