Hit and Miss

You know, I always find it funny to watch Gordon Ramsay going out of his kitchen to confront a guest why a certain dish is untouched. I admit I often laugh to see him cursing and acting out. But when it’s my turn, heh! not so funny anymore. As the one wearing the apron, the food is what we produce. In many ways, it is us. So when something is turned down to the point that the diner prefers to throw it to eat it, it is as easy as swallowing fish that’s been fried far too long. Dry, coarse and painful.

That’s what happened to me today. I was very happy to see the fruit puff turns splendidly well. They look pretty. And when the recipe calls for mixing the cream cheese with honey, lemon juice, lemon zest I thought it was interesting, novelty of some sort. The first time A and I made these with tangerine, it tasted fine. But today, after one bite, H refused to finish it further.

“I’m sorry but I can’t.” said H
“Wot??? It’s honey and cheese!” I retorted. “You love honey, and you live on cheese!”
“Yes, but the two combined tastes strange.”
“So what do I do with them?” I asked him.
“If you can’t eat them as well, just throw away..”

Sigh. I guess H has a under-develop traditional palate. Maybe his french root dictates how a certain thing has to taste a certain way. Maybe he’s spot-on.

Or maybe with blueberry, it would have worked. I let you be the judge. Go to Sprouted Kitchen here for the original recipe.

As for me, I will switch to pastry cream next time.


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