Close Encounter of The First Kind

My friend A is about to leave all of us behind and embarks on a wanderjahre. So before she leaves, she passed me a bag of dehusked buckwheat grain.

Exactly. My thought too.

The only buckwheat I know is in the noodle form, the Japanese buckwheat noodle called Soba. I never ever heard dehusked buckwheat. It was my first encounter of the kind. Heh! The things I learn here. Unfortunately, the cooked dehusked buckwheat resembles teochew rice porridge, grainy but soft, dry but wet at the same time. You can pick the individual grain, but at the same time, it sticks on your spoon. So I figured this shall be the day that I experimented making verrine.

Verrine take 1: dehusked buckwheat, diced tomato, avocado lime sauce, shredded soft cheese  and topped with pan-fried cubed chicken garlic. It tasted pretty good actually, but the dehusked buckwheat doesn’t make a pretty sight. The avocado lime is so tasty and fresh, while we couldn’t get enough of chicken cubes. Each of us had 2 servings of this.

Later in the evening, I made another version. 
Instead of buckwheat, I used stelline (the star shaped pasta) basked in EVOO, avocado lime sauce, diced tomatoes, shredded soft cheese and instead of chicken, I made a cube falafel. It immediately tasted different. For one, the stelline with EVOO gave a nice flavor that blends well with the tomatoes. The falafel added a nice crunch. Meatless yet filling.

I’m pretty immensely pleased with how they turned out. H was certainly unhappy to be called away for a business dinner. But good thing I have leftovers! Or not.

** Recipes to follow.


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