Pretty Little Things

These pretty little things are so very easy to make, a lot of work, sure. But nothing that you can’t rope your husbands, kids or anyone. And because they are so pretty, they will draw oohhhs and ahhhhs of your culinary skills in the kitchen, even if they are non-existent. I’ll let the picture say how simple it is.

(makes at least 38 tarts)

2 puff pastry sheet
1 egg, whisked
sugar, to sprinkle
1 recipe of creme patissiere
fruits of your choice, diced or sliced

  • Preheat oven to 175 C.
  • Flatten your puff pastry sheet and using a cookie cutter (I used the cap of a jar, 6.5-cm width), cut away the circles and transfer to a pre-lined baking tray.
  • Using a paring knife, score the circles 1-cm  from the edges, to create an outer ring. I got H to do this for me.
  • Brush the outer ring with egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.
  • Bake for 10-12 mins till they turn nicely brown. My oven is uneven, so I rotate them half-way through. Let them cool down.
  • Once they are cool enough to handle, poke the middle part to create a crater.
  • Scoop 1/2 tsp of creme patissiere and pile up the fruits. Serve room temperature.

~ I’ve never served them cold, do let me know if you do and how it turned out.
~ I have no issues with the baked puff pastry turning soggy and wet. Mine stay crispy even when we consumed this 5-6 hrs later. If you worry about this, brush the bottom with apricot jam that’s already warmed up and added with a little water. Let it cool down and harden before you scoop the custard.
~ I didn’t glaze them with lemon honey as I originally plan, because surprise surprise, the fruits are very sweet. However, I think if you have a really sweet tooth, I think you can add more sugar in your custard. Otherwise, warm up 1 tbsp of honey in a microwave to loosen it then add 1tsp lemon juice. And then pour them over the fruit tarts.
~ 1 puff pastry sheet yield 19 fruit tarts (6.5 cm diameter). I didn’t throw away the remaining dough, instead I knead them a little and flatten with rolling pin. I made another 6 fruit tarts. Resulting in total batch of 44 mini tarts.
~ For adults-only party, I would strongly recommend adding liquor into the custard. It tasted so so much better.



  1. What a great website! – Do you have any recipes that I can credit you for on my website. I am hunting for the top 10 best recipes on the web to publish for British, Spanish, French, Greek, Itailain and American.

    Anything you have please feel free to e-mail me it over and I will review and publish if it wins.


    1. Thanks Pete, but I don’t have a recipe that I can purely call my own. However, I think if you contact Joanne from Fifteen Spatulas, she might have aplenty. Best of luck and I’ll be checking (and road testing the recipes!).

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