New Pantry Staple

(source Gilt Taste)

110 gr whole scallions, cut into 2-cm lengths
55 gr ginger, peeled and cut into 1-cm chunks
1/2 cup oil, preferably peanut or corn – avoid olive oil and definitely no canola, which, when heated, tastes like a piece of metal trying to be a piece of fish
lots of salt, to taste

  • Blend the scallions and ginger in a food processor until finely minced, NOT pureed.
  • Transfer to a wide, tall heatproof bowl several times bigger than you think you need. Use a cooking pot if you have to.
  • Salt the ginger and scallion really a lot, saltier than you think you need. I probably used 1 tbsp coarse sea salt.
  • In a pot, heat up the oil until it barely starts to smoke..
  • and pour it into the bowl. BE CAREFUL as it will sizzle and bubble like a volcano erupting. But it will smell awesome. I did a taste test (after blowing on the hot mixture) to ensure I have enough salt. I didn’t think it was salty enough, so I added a pinch more of table salt.
  • Let it cool on room temperature then transfer to a jar and keep in fridge.

I use it when I stir fry vegetables, or when I’m making fillings for vegetable spring roll (which I’m making today). I also dump it on my bowl of chicken soup, just to give a little bit more fragrant and flavor. But the best part, it keeps me from throwing away wilted scallions and moldy ginger days after I bought them.


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