Yes, We Love Laksa!

It took me months to make this Laksa dish. A must eat whenever you’re in Singapore. Go to Katong area, East Coast Road and you’ll have literally one shop after another, serving exactly the same thing: Laksa. Many claim to have the best laksa and I have to say, my best laksa wasn’t in Katong, though the ambience of hunting a good food together with a throng of other people makes it a very different experience. It was at Quality Hotel, just off Balestier Road.

Anyway, few months ago, P visited Angola bringing sachets of laksa paste. Yes, few months ago because it was that long to hunt for coconut milk and patiently wait for its price to come down. Once it cost only about 1.6 usd per 200ml of Thai coconut milk (I found the Portuguese coconut milk is not as thick and lacks the depth of flavor). But recently, it can cost up to 5.6 usd for the same thing. Sure, you can go ahead and buy it because “Nothing is cheap in Angola.”

But I say, and I say this honestly.. if you know where to shop and know how to manage your finances (no need to do candlestick charts), it is possible to eat well and still save money. Just make sure you know how to match the barcode on the product against the price label.

It cost only 30 cents of the green bucks to buy a ramekin. The one you use to make souffle.

It cost only 2.5 usd for muffin paper cups, a pack of 100. They don’t come in polkadots or anything pretty as Sprinkles cupcakes, but decent enough to make sure people pay attention to the real star on the plate.

It cost only 1.55 usd to buy a solero, my childhood favourite Walls ice “cream”. If I ever host a kids’ party, I won’t bother with making nice cakes. I’ll just hand these out. And make sure H is not the one mending that station.

I fully understand when MW says she got a kick from finding great bargains. It’s really addictive and make me feel I’ve put my education to a good use. It’s like my own version of extreme couponing!!

Anyway, I eventually bought Ayam Brand (a popular Malaysian brand) coconut milk for 3.80 usd and make a version that’s more suitable for H: boiled cabbage and shredded chicken, instead of fresh cockles and fish cake. He then polished off our cheese because he needed to “cool down” his mouth.


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