One Strawberry, Three Ways: Part II

There’s no way I can escape from making Tarte au Fraise. H loves his tarte au pomme, tarte au poire.. but tarte au fraise? It’s kept only for special occasions, like his birthday or christmas.

I had some left over pate brisee from making quiche the other day. And I used the previous recipe of creme patisserie with rum added. I whisked it longer because apparently “Your cream is very good but in France, the creme is much thicker.” His Lordship is darn difficult to please.

I also sprinkled the strawberry with some sugar before assembling them in the tarts.

Anyway, what is the best way to assemble the tart? I laid the strawberries facing down, nope. I laid them erect up, just like an obelisk, but still nope. I think the prettiest looking is one who was sliced somewhat equally thick, and laid down like a blooming flower. Yeap, that’s it. This one appeals the most to me.

Hmmm.. not bad, S. Not bad at all 😉

And I have to agree with H. There’s something oddly exciting and upbeat about strawberry. Chocolate is always good and decadent and indulging. But strawberry just screams differently. It screams: I am special! Bon vivant or.. or..  vivre de joie!! 

But it also screams: you are loved.


1 recipe of tart dough
1 recipe of creme patisserie


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