Right. This is It.

My spring/summer vacation is officially starting. I’m off to Paris then to Japan, then back to France, side trip to Andorra, then Czech Rep. then France before finally heading back to Angola.

10 flights, 6 weeks, 3 continents.

I know it’s not as if I’m going to Timbuktu, but what does a girl pack for six weeks? Last I check, Tokyo was still very cold (12C last weekend). I’m expecting Paris to be hot in the middle of June and we’re heading to my in-laws’ cabin in the mountain near Pyrenees.

Right. So I hope you have a good summer and see you when I’m back end of June. A la prochain! 



  1. How fun! What an awesome trip! Tokyo is warming up this week so we’re sunny and warm here now! At night it gets a little bit chilly so bring a sweater. Depending on when you come, rainy season is coming up so a light raincoat is a good idea too 🙂 Happy packing!

    1. Oh Jen, we had such a luck that on the day we’re supposed to explore Shibuya & Shinjuku, the rain poured endlessly the entire day. Frustrating, but I spent a lot of hours in Tokyu Hands and Loft. They have the cutest things for the kitchen!

      1. my fave is the cookie cutter with the shape of a strawberry! Lol. I also bought one with the alphabets, reminded me of Mad Hatter tea party in alice in wonderland (“eat me”).. I thought I’ll do an adult version of my cookies hehehehe 😉 I got some washi tapes and “net” for when frying meat on the pan. Wanted to buy the entire store!

      2. Ooo that sounds like a great idea – I can’t wait to see how you use the cookie cutters! I don’t think anyone can leave without washi tape. And those nets? So useful! Glad you picked up fun stuff!

  2. hi sherly, found you from my blog. just sent you an email, hope you received it! 🙂 say hi to bapak2 dan ibu2 yang di luanda ya, i miss them loads!

    I’ve just moved to Japan, if you care for a meet up when you’re in Tokyo, let me know.. ok 🙂

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