Les Bons Moments

When H and I were celebrating our two year anniversary last month, Mo asked me if marriage is everything I dreamt it to be. Wow, how does one answer a question like that.

To begin with, I like being married. I like having multiple homes and additional set of parents. Even when it means phone calls to H to stop his parents from overstuffing my suitcases with extra ham and sausages and tisane and everything I like.

I like being married to H. He cleans and tidies the apartment while waiting for me to come home, what’s not to like?

I like being married to H even when he doesn’t understand my Portuguese, misunderstands my french and jumps to conclusions before I finish saying it in English.

He, however, can read Bahasa Indonesia fluently in spite of his unfamiliarity with the language. I didn’t realize how important this skill is until the lack of internet prohibits me from checking emails from my parents.

And I like the fact that he is game to try the things I put on his plate: the good, the not-so-successful and the downright garbage.

Marriage is personal. No one understands it better than the two people involve in it. Whatever you do, don’t hold back. May you found the greatest love and comfort in your marriage.

(Individual recipes on the next few posts)



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