Back in June, my girlfriends and I went to visit Prague. We spent 5 days there. The city is beautiful. Grand and at times, majestic. Many people love Prague, I think my two girlfriends enjoyed themselves but I’m not sure I ever found the connection with the city. Maybe because I don’t know much about the history and the people. H also speculated because I didn’t enjoy their food. Ha! Possible.. After all, eating is a big part of me.

We saw many things, dutifully did the touristy things: Charles Bridge, Alfons Mucha, Salvatore Dali, Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square. We even went to Kutna Hora and saw a Catholic Church full of skeletons. This was a mass grave, legend says that it was the most wanted burial site throughout Europe. We unfortunately miss Kafka.

Of all, I think it was the Lenon Wall that leaves the deepest impression for me. Originally a normal wall that covered with grafitti’s of John Lenon’s lyric, has become a full blown art. And you know the locks couples put together to symbol a long union (very popular sightings in Pont Neuf, Paris) can also be seen here. And according to my tour-mate, she found it in Germany too.

So yeah, I don’t know what to make out of this trip, this city or this country. Not even on the most superficial level. I now know Wenceslas was the good king. I know many Jewish died during WW II. I now know the father behind Art Nouveau. I know their ghoulash and dumplings. But honestly speaking, nothing else stick on my mind. Tsk, disappointing. A Bosnian friend who adores Prague asked me what I learned. I simply grinned.

You know, some people like to read a book (novel, roman or even literature) before visiting a city or a country. It’s too late for me to read up on Prague or Czech, but if you know any good ones, do shout out.

In the meanwhile, if you’re visiting
* Florence and Rome: read The Agony and The Ecstasy. A Biographical Novel of Michaelangelo. Next time you’re in Uffizi, Sistine Chapel or when looking at The David statue, you know the pain behind a single masterpiece.
* Paris : read Sarah’s Key. You’ll never see Le Marais the same way ever again.


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