I’m Drawn.

In my literary world, the most exciting time is when summer is coming in the northern hemisphere and the websites and blogs and newspapers will be buzzing with book recommendations. I like knowing what other people read, and more often than not, I found gems in genres that I don’t normally read. Thanks to Kindle and H, I have access to all those things. Lets just say I have a pretty big monthly budget for books.

I love words. Those that stop you in your tracks.. The words that resurface when you are showering or cooking or doing menial tasks. I love books that make you feel you’re reading for the first time, even though it is your umpteenth time. I also love easy books with real characters. And this book is that.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with the book. I thought it would be a breezy reading while I commute. And with the heavy traffic in Luanda, there are plenty of those opportunities. But this book turns out so much more.

I love it. I stayed up till 3am to finish reading the first one – very unhappy with how it ended hanging over the cliff. Started reading the sequel immediately after and finally finished the sequel last night – very unhappy that she’s done it again, left me hanging over the cliff. In the world where Fifty Shades are the talk of the town (yes, I read them and found them interesting), I found my last read is far more satisfying and rewarding. I found the characters and the stories very real and despite the age gap (i.e. the main characters are still in high school), I found I’m able to connect with them. Emotionally. What I like the most is how I am regularly surprised with the development of the stories. Nothing is as it seems.

The books aren’t perfect. There are parts where I just want them to move along, faster. But like I said, a very gripping read. One that H knows better than to disturb me.

If you enjoy Million Little Pieces by James Frey or The PIlot’s Wife by Anita Shreve, then this might be up your alley.


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