It Was Great To Be Outdoor

My father in law is kind of a walking encyclopedia. His love for nature is evident. He could tell one tree from another and call each by its name. One day after H returned to Angola and I was entrusted in their care, we drove up to St Fereol. He wanted to show me Canal du Midi, the canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterannean Sea. A pride and joy for many french. Apparently long long time ago, it was used as a short cut to commute and avoid (dangerous) long sea travels. From what I could gather in my broken french, there were some historical and engineering importance of this canal.

We went up there for a picnic by the St Fereol Lake, but the wind was too strong. Some brave souls tried, the kids giggled playing catch to whatever is flying. But we tucked ourselves at a nice cafe overlooking the lake. It was great to be outdoor.


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