Spring Roll Wrapper Take 2

This is still the original batter as the earlier one, but I decided to use a silicon pastry brush instead of pouring and swirling method. For me this works better. I have better grip on how thick/ thin I would like the skin to be. And it is also an excellent way to test whether the pan is hot enough. The moment you brush the batter into the pan, if it sizzles and turns cooked immediately, it means the pan is at the correct temperature. What’s more I can “patch” if I see any holes. Just brush and brush and brush.

Because of the thinness that I can now achieve, the look and feel of texture really convinces me this is what the french calls feuilletes de bricks. Quick google on french recipe confirms it. The difference is that this version oozes egg whiff (because the recipe calls for an egg). I want to try one without an egg and see if there’s any difference. Why waste an egg if it’s not really needed, right?

This time round, I also drain the filling to reduce the water and oil splatter in case the skin breaks. Great idea. The skin is still not as smooth as I want to, but something I can live without. It is crispy while it’s hot, and turns soft as it gets cooler. That’s okay if you’re serving as appetizer for 4 people, but when you’re serving for 10, I don’t think it will hold. I’m beginning to suspect the crunchiness and the firmness of the store-bought spring roll wrappers is caused by different type of flour (not all purpose flour).

Right, till next time then.


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