And Yet Another Miss..

“So, what do you think?” I asked H.
“Hmm… strange.”
“What do you mean strange?”
“It’s sweet!”
“And so..?”
“How do you eat a sweet bread?” he said as if it’s so obvious.
“How do the french eat brioche?”
“As a dessert or a breakfast, with coffee.”
“Ah then? You can eat it the same way.. ” I retorted.
“But this is so.. (struggling to find the word).. not like brioche. This is.. “
“COMPACT” he finally said. “Brioche is light and full of bubbles..”
“Airy.” I corrected
“Yes, this is heavy.”

OK, so I thought the idea of zucchini almond bread was pretty sleek, but His Mighty obviously did not agree. Yes, it’s dense and compact and sweet. I thought it is my perfect morning breakfast. No assembling needed (unlike making croque monsieur for example). Wake up, make coffee and cut a slice or two.

Well, with tuna pate is pretty awesome too.

But if there’s anything I learn about the french when it’s come to cuisine, they always have an opinion, with benchmark being their french food. Very much a foodie. And maybe once in a while you can convince them to change alley.

Who would expect that His Mighty’s favourite food ..

wait for it.. nope, not french dish.. courtesy of a Pakistani restaurant in Singapore..

it’s butter chicken.


What do you think?

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