Coffee Cake Deciphered

I always wonder why one would name a cake Coffee Cake without any coffee inside. I thought the recipe was incomplete, a bad recipe of some sort until one day after enough coffee cake recipes without any coffee, I asked the question to the recipe owner.

Apparently it was called a Coffee Cake because it’s the sort of cake to accompany coffee!!

Never say I didn’t learn anything in this life.

Anyway, I made this coffee cake since I couldn’t sit still. I used yogurt, thinly sliced the apple using mandolin, top it with streusels and finally icing sugar. While it tastes good and light, it’s a little bit too fragile. I would love to have more apples, more caramel in my streusels (condense milk maybe?) and most importantly, a larger tin!

The bottom is also too thick when compared to the apples and streusels. Maybe I should put the apples in the middle section instead of the top. Hmm..


One comment

  1. mmm this looks great! haha i never knew that about coffee cake either so you’re not alone! we do learn something new everyday 🙂 my favorite part of coffee cake is always the streusel on top… i love the texture is adds to the cake!

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