The Next Few Days ..

H would be sleeping on another bed miles away from me. I would crawl into our bed from his side where his smell is the strongest. He would be uncontactable throughout the day. I would wear his shirt and boxer at home, setting the TV on whispers. He would slowly discover the hidden treasures I hid in his bag and ask how many more is hidden when he calls before he sleeps. And that’s how it usually is.

But this time, I want to fill my days with beautiful words. I want to memorize a poem starting by JRR Tolkien’s :

All that is gold does not glitter;
all that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither;
not all that is over is past
Not all that have fallen are vanquished;
a king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished;
and towers that were strong may fall down.


What do you think?

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