Bean There, Dip That

This recipe piqued my curiosity. I mean Flaxseed and black pepper biscuits? Sounds interesting. I don’t have LSA meal (which is basically Linseed, Sunflower and Almond meal) so I substituted it with almond meal instead.

And it’s not every day that you see a wholemeal flour. Seed-y and brownish in colour.

Obviously when making biscuits, you have to have some fun. Not just plain looking biscuits.

It was fun. The flavor was great. I had a discovery that lasts a life time, that a black pepper biscuit tastes as awesome as the idea. Flaxseed gives an extra crunch that I so love. But what is disappointing is how the biscuits lost their crunchiness after several hours. Did I not bake them long enough? Is LSA meal absolutely necessary that I can’t just replace it with almond meal? Many questions.. And what I was hoping to make for a party, ain’t happening girl. Sigh.

I’m sitting on the fence: should I throw them out or keep them? They were a labor of love. They were awesome when fresh off the oven. But they weren’t awesome anymore now. And I had to scramble to make a brownie at eight in the evening. Arrggh!!


UPDATE 27/10: We didn’t throw the biscuits out. We had it earlier tonight with cheese and a glass of white. Yes, they weren’t crunchy. Maybe they aren’t supposed to be crunchy? They taste good though, especially the black pepper. Or maybe I’m biased. But I’m thinking of giving this another go.


What do you think?

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