Healthier Dip, Anyone?

So! You know how people like to make cheese dips to go with their entree? I wish to do the same, but I am saving money for my future kitchen appliances, ahem KitchenAid. Do you know that in the US, KitchenAid costs about 350 usd, while in France, it starts at 450 euro (close to 600 usd). Amazing right. So H got me saving 50 usd every month so that by the end of the year, I can get my dream mixer (and I’m so gonna whip up fancy meals as effortless as Ina Garten).

Anyway, so a friend of mine, A made a yogurt cheese for pot luck the other day. And when I heard how neat it was, I whipped up one by myself. Obviously chives should be the main flavor, but I live in.. well, you know where I live. I flavoured mine with parsley and dill instead.

It’s very simple, really. NY Times wrote a piece about it here. All you need is a tea towel, colander, bowl to catch the whey (the water) and few hours of waiting to get the thickness you desire. I mixed in the herbs while they are still in yogurt form, add a pinch of salt, mix it well and left it over night. The yogurt would be firm enough for you to handle. Put it into any mold you have and press gently, or use two teaspoons to shape.

And the whey? Don’t dump them. Please. Just use it to make chicken soup, boiling lentils or even cooking rice. Trust me, it will alter your chicken soup in the way that you won’t go back.

This cheese probably won’t hold the wall of fame of cheeses. It probably won’t fooled the french. But it is healthier, cheap and easy. Eat it with your cracker, your bread or dip your toasted pita bread in this. Either way, give it a try. In fact, this has got me thinking of making pate of some sort with this, and I don’t know why I can’t bake my pasta with a mixture of this. Anyone?

Note: To get the cheese as in photo, I use 2 pots of plain yogurts.



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