Honey, What’s For Dessert?

H is raised in a home where each meal consists of an appetizer, main, salad and ends with a dessert and coffee. So he asks for these things every single day, if not every single meal. “What’s for dessert?” he would ask. “What do you want?” I usually ask back. “What can you offer me?” and on and on and on we dance to this tune. Sometimes I would be more than happy to oblige (more opportunity to test recipes) but at times, I’m just so lazy. Like last night.

So I have some left over dough from fruit tarts I made last week. I have been sitting on it to make chocolate hazelnut tart, but never really can summon the energy to do it. In the end, I do what lazy people usually do, we cheat.

I’m just not gonna bother with recipe. You can tell, it’s that simple.

I bake them at 175 C until the smell reached my nose. No joke. I didn’t even see the timer, but I suppose it was 15 mins or so. If you want it to have nice golden colour, brush with egg wash. Or don’t bother. These nutella biscuits went down pretty quickly.


What do you think?

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