Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

I’m sure everyone has that one friend (or more) who can eat everything under the sun and not gain a single kilo. For me, my dad is a good example. He’s skinny and not a “big eater”, or so I thought. So when I brought H home for the first time to meet my parents, he spent quite some time bonding with my dad. I know my parents, their definition of being a good host is to bring the guest to try all sorts of local food. So I prepped H in advance, telling him to accept whatever my parents offer him. He may not like it, but at least try.

For the first few days, H was a good guest. He didn’t turn down any food offered and wherever my dad wanted to take him, off they went. Until one day he pulled me aside and raising white flag frantically. He could not stand the stand the sights of food anymore. It was then he pointed out that my dad practically eats a plate of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a bowl of noodle (or say, chicken satay) for “tea”. H, who weighs almost twice as my dad, couldn’t even eat half of what my dad eats.

I never thought much about how my dad could eat all that. He’s always been like that, matchstick skinny. Even when he quit smoking (gone cold turkey and all that), he barely put on a single kg.

If this “documentary” gives any indication at all, I suppose it is in his gene. Which is so not fair why it didn’t get cascaded onto me. But more than just gene, this documentary is very enlightening. I especially like how the participants discover chocolate as the quickest way to reach their daily calorie goal. The experiments on children was an eye opener.

I won’t spoil the results in case some of you might be interested in watching (I’m encouraging you to watch it actually), but let me say this: it’s more than the make up in their genes. I think the naturally thin people knows when to switch off.


What do you think?

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