Make Your Own Falafel Sandwich Bar

As a non-earning-money-spending spouse, I take on a responsibility in making sure we’re not spending more than what we earn. H’s domain is house-related while my domain is belly-related. H gives me a free reign on what to buy and what to cook. Of course I do worry from time to time if I’m preparing food with enough nutrients and vitamins, if I’m providing enough variety, if I’m compromising our health. But I take pride when I tally the accounting at the end of the month & conclude that we have lived well and still saved a little.

Luckily H adores chickpeas. Moroccan (chickpeas) soup, chickpeas salad, chickpeas puree soup and of course falafel. There’s a good Lebanese restaurant in town that does pretty good falafel, but man, once you know how easy and cheap it is to do a falafel, you would feel reluctant to surrender the bills to them.

I’ve written the falafel recipe here.. and after a long day, I love serving Make-Your-Own-Falafel-Sandwich Bar. Lebanese pita bread, washed lettuce, shredded carrots, cilantro, and falafel balls. Mayonaise (and ketchup) as condiments.

I like doing it because it takes little preparation, besides frying the falafel. Food processor does all the work. H loves it because there isn’t a lot of dishes to wash. Then we get to the fun part: the assembling. I would cut the pita bread in halves and stuffed in the middle. H likes to do his fajita-style.

It’s light, it’s meatless and it’s fuss-free. And oh, it’s economical!

Mon coeur, where’s the cheese?” the husband asked.


I tell you, you can’t separate a french man from his cheese.


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