Life In Luanda

I hardly ever post about life in Luanda, but in the midst of baking and mass cooking and overeating, I have been working on a collage for my father-in-law about Life in Luanda, his Christmas present of some sort. I figure I share some with you. Not all photos are mine, the ugly ones certainly are.. but the rest are from various friends.

Luanda Marginal
Notice the contrast between the newer modern building and the older ones.

Down Town Luanda, till today
Angola Life 2
Note the absence of helmets and rear view mirror. This is so very common.

When I first arrived in Luanda, I tried buying food directly from the fruits/vegetable sellers, thinking that the money will go directly to them, instead of the supermarket. But I also learnt that not only I’m paying an exorbitant amount (squeeze it!!), but also I received poor quality of produce. Many of these produces have been sitting under the sun for days, poorly handled, hence doesn’t really last in the fridge. Poof, there goes my “brilliant” naive idea.

OTW Barro do Dande
I have to say that Luanda is not short of beautiful spots, if not escapades ..
Beach in LuandaClube Nautico at IlhaSsulo BarTaking a 10-mins boat ride, we can escape out of the hustle and bustle of Luanda and be at a small island, Mussullo. In October, you can also watch the whale migration.
Angola Oct 2012
The children of Luanda certainly aren’t lacking in smiles and attitudes.
Children of AngolaBut my heart just goes out to the women of Angola, and the little uns..
Hardworking Women of Angola Collage
Women in Street of Luanda
Around Luanda 01
Me? I have it easy.

Somebody said feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. And that’s why we try to do what we can for the children at the orphanage, in my case at Irma Domingas orphanage.

Irma Domingas Collage 3
You can find out more about Irma Domingas orphanage here or here.



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