Finally Figured It Out

Sushi NightLast night, H and I hosted our very own sushi night. It’s not as if we are experts of Maki or Nigiri or hand rolls. But H and E just decided to do something fun, and since I’m Asian, I should know how to make sushi, or so E thought. Sushi Night 2
The idea was everybody came bringing whatever filling they want in their Maki, while I provided the rest: sushi rice, nori (the seaweed), wasabi, sichimi (the 7-flavor chili powder), soy sauce and rice vinegar.

We had a big assortment of ingredients: cucumber, crabstick, avocado, Tamago (Japanese omelet), smoked salmon, bell peppers and things I don’t even want to know. We also cheated making the Maki with the box we bought in Japan earlier this year. It makes a perfect roll that we only need to roll the Nori on the outside.

What happened is an interesting and fun evening. Sushi Night 3Sushi night collageUnlike regular sit-down dinner I’ve hosted before, this is very much activity centric. It takes the pressure of making conversation off. And everybody wanted to try making the rolls, with different permutation of ingredients. And for SL and CL, it was their first time trying sushi and wasabi. So it was quite funny to see their reactions. The boys obviously were very manly and put a lot of wasabi, until they realized my wasabi was extremely potent.

We also had people over at 5-ish. We had drinks at the roof top, watching the sunset and chit chat a little before heading down for sushi making. By then, the drinks were already working their magic. We didn’t make it back up to the roof top until dessert. Everyone were just standing around the table picking on sushi – as soon as the rolls are sliced, they were gobbled down.

What I really like about this dinner is that I don’t have any pressure (from myself) to prepare first, second and third course meal. For dessert, I made coconut blondie and Kiwi-Lime-Mint Slushie that got hijacked into Kiwi Mojito Slushie (by E, who else). So it was all casual and relax kind of dinner.

Final note: this idea will work if you have people who are interested in food and getting a little bit dirty. I mean, when E put raw fish into the sushi (not the usual salmon or tuna), it took a lot of bravery and faith to just go along and try. You also want people to participate, taking turn and making the sushi.

On hindsight, I wouldn’t discover this if we had left the country for Christmas. We wouldn’t have this lovely evening making new friends and enjoying ourselves. Oh Angola, you frustrate me at times!

Have a good Sunday, people and see you next year!


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