The Accidental Butter

I enjoy cooking, it calms my mind and I didn’t realize until now how much I enjoy working with my hands. Also I do believe the way to H’s heart is through romancing his palate. But I hate washing and cleaning like no other. And worse, I hate cleaning the kitchen after a grand failure.
Accidental Butter
Whip cream is my Achilles heel. I know how easy it is to do, but I frequently overwhip it. One minute it is soft peak, then suddenly it starts to curdle. This morning, it jumped immediately from thickened cream to overwhipped, thanks to the Turbo button. I pray and hope there is a saving grace in overwhipped cream.

Luckily, there is.

Accidental Butter 3
Homemade Butter 4
Homemade ButterOn the plus side, what you have on your hand is a real, pure, unadulterated butter. You have control and you know exactly what ingredients you are putting inside. On the economic side of things, I don’t know if you should make your own butter from now onwards (believe it or not, the price of whipping cream is more expensive than the french butter). All I’m saying is that you don’t have to throw away your overwhipped cream (in my case, 2 cups ~approx 470ml whip cream). And if it pleases you to make your own butter, go ahead. I almost want to overwhip my cream again to make blackberries butter. I said almost.

To store, keep in a tight lid container. Butter apparently absorbs odor, so you don’t want rancid butter. Try to consume within 2 weeks. To read more about home made butter: go here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have appointments with oily bowls and pots, some suds and loads of hot water.

Lastly because it indeed is a good, good life with nothing to complain about (hello passport, where are you??) I listen to this, inspired by Zhing’s sweet husband who made her a video to round up their year 2012.


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