The Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Sooner About Macarons

Macaron 004
I finally got my hands in making macarons. It took me months before I tried searching for the recipe. It took me additional months before I gathered my courage to attempt one. In my mind, they have to be perfect. They have to have two feet, a meringue-like crunch and texture and a smooth egg shell. They are too daunting for a novice baker like me.

Yes, they are supposed to, if you want to be as good as Pierre Herme or Laduree or Fauchon. But what I didn’t realize up till I made them is that even when they look awful and gritty and do not have even and smooth surface, they taste right. They taste exactly like macarons should be. Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner? That even if I didn’t get them perfect in shape, they are still perfectly delicious and tasty, that they aren’t lost cause. Why nobody told me about this earlier?

And why nobody told me that even when half of your batch is crooked, uneven, and comes in multiple shapes because you just can’t get them in uniform shapes, they still have a good chance to turn up nice? That about half will turn up homogeneous that you can be proud of and pat yourself in the back? That you finally understand the addiction to make macarons?

Macaron 001
Nobody told me these, so now I’m telling you, encouraging you and prodding you. That even if your macarons are far from perfect, they give you reason to dream, a goal, that one day, your macarons will be few shapes closer to Pierre Herme’s.

And when all else fails, move closer to Pierre Herme. Seriously, I don’t know any Parisian who makes his/her own macaron (or baguette, or croissants or pain au chocolat).

p.s. Not So Humble Pie has extensive troubleshooting explanation and couple of recipe versions (egg white powder, aging the egg white etc). I tried this version of her recipe.


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