Pied à Terre

Heya folks, it’s good to be back at home. And have a purpose in life besides eating and sleeping. Even if I’m returning to dirty laundry and dusty apartment.

Snowfall in Touls
If I can sum up my trip, February is not the month to visit France, more so Paris. It’s gloomy, wet, half raining, half snowing, strong winds and very chilly. Not the weather to walk around apartment hunting and checking out the ‘hood. Unless you ski, then it makes perfect sense.

Good Morning ToulsLe Chat
We spent half of our time in Toulouse, H’s home town in south of France and half in Paris. Good news is we found an apartment we think we’ll like, in an area that we also think we’ll like. It’s not gonna be ready until next year. We are quite excited although choosing the tiles and parquet and kitchen stuff are driving us crazy. After awhile, everything looks the same.

Pied a Terre
In addition, our flight has also been confirmed. We are set to say goodbye to Luanda, Angola and friends on 30 April. Eight weeks to go, it seems.

Anyway, a little about Toulouse..

Toulouse gets quite a lot of international traffic, business travels predominantly, thanks to Airbus and it being the center of aerospace and aeronautics in Europe. It is the fourth largest city after Paris, Lyon and Marseille, but at the same time it still feels provincial. When I first came few years back, I remember being stared at when I was jogging at the park behind the house, that H commented they probably had never seen an Asian girl outside Asian grocery stores. One day, when I was jogging on my own and decided to shortcut my way back home through the backyard, other joggers actually slowed down to see what I was up to. Watching out for each other I suppose.

Toulouse is quite the opposite of Paris or any big cities for that matter. It is the place where family dines together regularly. It is the place where my mother in law barters her garden grown vegetables with fishes from the fishmonger. Where people grow their own cherry trees and make jam and give to others and receive say, wild blueberry tart in return. It is the place where the cost of an apartment in Paris get you a two-story house with a backyard and a car and still some extra.

Toulouse has changed a fair bit over the years. They are building more apartments, more non-European products in the supermarket, more non-French residents and definitely more mix race couple.

Le FeuFamilyVictor Hugo 2
Victor Hugo 3Victor Hugo OysterFood Extravaganza

Anyway, if you’re ever in Toulouse, do visit Victor Hugo market by Place Wilson. This is the market that makes the TV every single year. And so far, they never disappoint.



  1. wowww that a really beautiful market….those oysters! lobster! cured meats! oh my 🙂 i’m glad you were able to finally make it to france for some vacay! and it seems like you’re moving? to france?! can you feel my jealousy?? 🙂

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