Not My Finest Moment

There are many types of failures in the kitchen. The kinds that rend your food completely inedible, the kinds where you miss (or misread) a step and change the food completely, but not totally inedible. The kinds where you can improve over time, like kneading the dough, gauging the temperature, or simply improving your knife skill, say slicing the meat correctly against the grain. Then there are the kinds that got your groove moving but then they fall flat, that the food didn’t rise to the occasion. Oh I get my share of failures of all kinds. But the one that gets me the most is the last kind. I usually kick myself on the bum, like.. what was I thinking??

_1040601 At first, it sounded like a good idea. It also tasted like a good idea. So after a few tweaks and turns, I was ready to make this for public. I was brimming with joy and pride, feeling so smart for making this out of simple stuffs.. bubbling.. (this should have been my cue)

ham cheese rolls
ham cheese roll 2

and then.. all deflated. Finishing a roll takes some effort (too big, too heavy), some weren’t even tempted to try. So embarrassing.

Not that they are not good, they are just.. average. Nothing special. It may be okay for private consumption, when H and I lounging on the sofa on days when we crave for greasy food, but not for public.

Right, think I’m gonna lie down a while and think of my next groove moving idea.


What do you think?

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