Easy Like Sunday Morning

I used to wonder why Joburg airport has a meat shop. Really, who buys meat inside an airport? I understand if it’s just your typical cured meat or couple good selection of cheeses. But no, they have a good selection from lamb shanks, pork ribs, beef tenderloins to ostrich meat. Price is pretty decent, as decent as airport price can be, but on par to meat price in France. And now, we couldn’t help but stock on some meat whenever we happen to pass via Joburg. It’s just much more convenient and I don’t need to worry about packing and wrapping or passing through the check points. With only 3.5 hr flight from Joburg to Luanda, the meat stays cold and half-frozen.

Easter Collage 02
When it comes to side dish, H and I have different preferences. H likes his potatoes and I like my peas and beans. I like broad beans (fava beans) in particular, be it deep fried like those in cocktail mix or when it’s sauteed. Imagine my joy when my parents in law took me to the country side to harvest les fèves. Broad beans collageP1000407
Preparing the fava beans (removing from pods then peeling the skin) is a tedious process. So after all the time spent prepping it, even with the frozen ones, I prefer the simplest cooking possible. And I’m happy to discover that mint and fava beans are excellent together.

(adapted from food 52)
serve 1+

Frozen fava beans enough for one
Olive oil
a slice of bacon, cut into strips
1-2 mint leaves, chop
black pepper

  • In a steamer, steam the frozen fava beans for 5-10 mins. Let it cool down before peeling the skin off.
  • In a non stick pan, add in the olive oil and brown the bacon few minutes over medium heat.
  • Add the beans to coat it with oil and bacon. Saute for few more minutes till the beans are cooked (I like when it still has a bite to it).
  • Turn off fire, add the chopped mint and black pepper and stir. Serve immediately.

Easter Sunday
Happy Easter, guys.


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