The Good Life


Howdy folks! The weather here is still very cold, it rains most mornings but slowly it’s been getting warmer each day. The days are long. Sun is up before 6am and it only turns dark well after 9pm. It’s been so nice to be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want with no rush in getting there. I did my first yoga earlier this week and I’ve been able to take long walks along the Seine every day. My legs are screaming each night but I’m still reveling from my new found freedom.

Life in SGEL
We are currently living 20 mins outside Paris, a stone away from the affluent suburb of St Germain en Laye, where the great French Monarch Louis XIV was born and raised. I haven’t explored much of the area, but I’m happy to found good boulangerie (bakery), fromagerie (cheese monger) and poissonerie (fish monger) within 5 mins walk. We went to see H’s parents over the weekend and as can be predicted, the car was filled to the brim. I expect I wouldn’t have to cook till year end. Another happy news is my savings paved through and I’m a poor but happy owner of a KitchenAid. In pomme d’amour (metalic red). Everything sounds more romantic in french, doesn’t it?

The nicest thing about living in a wealthy suburb is that it is really nice to walk around. Flowers (tulips, roses, daisies and poppies) everywhere and St Germain en Laye is known for its architecture and gardens. I can hear the birds chirping (loudly) as I type this and can see the ducks and squirrels from my window. It’s like you are still close enough to the hustle and bustle of Paris and yet you get the quietness one usually finds when one retires to the country side. I must say I do wish we live closer to town though it hasn’t been good for the wallet.

BBQ & Picnic season have officially started. The grass is not as wet anymore and when I wait for H at the chateau’s garden, more and more people are out and lying on the ground, soaking on the late sun before dinner. The french knows how to enjoy life, I must say!

We’re off to Singapore & Bali tomorrow. See you when we get back.



  1. It is. I have a feeling this is where the old money resides: catholic community, good schools, regal building and yet you can see it is very well maintained. As if the brass door knob is polished every day!

    KitchenAid is a stand in mixer. It does heavy duty kind of job like cutting cold butter into the flour (try pinching cold butter with your hand, that’s how I use to make my quiche dough), mixing heavy cookie dough e.g. chocolate chips cookie, etc. The price in France is almost double the price in US (it’s a US brand) and let’s just say there are cheaper options but doesn’t look as nice 😉

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