When The Wind Brings Warmth

Cheesecake Pot

This wasn’t what I wanted to do with my brand new mixer, but alas, I overwhipped my cream (yes, again even with a stand mixer) while I was trying to figure out whatsapp, instagram and what have you. I’m so not a multi tasker. So my grand plan to make a Mont Blanc failed miserably. Not giving up, but I will keep it for another day. Mont Blanc isn’t usually done with sablé breton, a crumbly pastry from Normandy, but I like to mix and match stuff. And try everything at least once.

I like to think I’m pretty familiar with dough and I’ve done pâte sablée (another crumbly pastry) few times but this sablé breton is just way too moelleux, way too soft that I wonder if my eggs are too big, hence disrupting the liquid to dry ratio – see, I won’t have this problem in Angola. I would complain that my eggs are not yellow enough or just too small.

Sable Breton

It pains my heart to see the dough thrown away or unused, so I bake them as cookies. H has been munching them non-stop. They are indeed great cookies: crumbly, sweet peppered with crystal salt. But I wonder what else I can do with it.


This is what happened.

True to my Asian heritage, this is agak-agak (approximation), depending on what you have in your fridge or what you use. This is what home cook is all about, isn’t it?

(makes 4-6, depending the size of your pot)

250 gr cream cheese – I used a mixture of Ricotta & Mascarpone, but don’t use cheese triangles
3 tbsp castor sugar
100 ml heavy cream, whipped to soft peak
1 tsp vanilla extract

250 gr berries of your choice, which 1/3 of it will be cooked to make coulis
3 tbsp castor sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp water, optional

8-10 digestive biscuits (or cookies), crumbled into large pieces

  • [Making the Cheese mixture] Whip the cream to soft peak. In another bowl, whip the cream cheese and sugar till light & fluffy before adding the vanilla extract. Note: add more sugar if you want it sweeter.
  • Add the whipped cream onto the whipped cheese till you get a consistent fluffy mixture. Set aside.
  • [Making the coulis] In a pot over low heat, heat up about 1/3 of the berries with water, sugar and lemon juice. Let it cook and simmer. Using fork, gently mash the berries.
  • Cook until the sauce thickens and coat the back of your spoon, about 7 mins.
  • Run through a filter (particularly important for raspberry or blackberry, to get rid of the seeds) and set aside to let the liquid cool down.
  • [To assembly] Into a clean serving pot, add the digestive biscuits (in my case, the sablé breton). Then a dollop of cheese mixture, then the fresh berries and a spoonful of the coulis, and the cheese mixture. Repeat till you reach the top.
  • Let it sit in fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.

Enjoy! For finally the wind no longer brings coldness but warmth.

p.s. I used this recipe for sablé breton.



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