Little Snippets from Paris


This, my friends, is my daily sighting. The skyscrapers at the background is where H works, the CBD area in greater Paris. Was it Haussmann (?) or perhaps much later, it was decided that everyone deserves to get sunlight. That’s why you will not find a tall building inside Paris that could potentially block someone’s right to direct sunlight. That’s why the CBD is actually outside Paris, forming the Greater Paris Region.


The weather hasn’t been consistent, but on the rare occasion, I managed to get this. “Louis XIV was born here”, he was the longest ruling king in the European history. It is now a hotel with a great patio.


My first visit as soon as I arrived in Paris was to pay homage to one of the greatest author. I love his The Importance of Being Earnest and I thought The Picture of Dorian Gray was very disturbing. I didn’t know who Jim Morrison is, but his tombstone I visited as well as Marcel Proust (a great novelist of 20th century) and Edith Piaf (the french singer).

Happiness Is

I’m not used to pets, never had one, but this fat cat with one blue eye, one green eye has been greeting me daily, breaking my barrier. I feel so loved.

Till next time. Bisous!



  1. I made a special journey to pay homage to Wilde too when I went to Paris. Glad to know you love him too! Seems like you have moved again. Hope you enjoy living in Paris as much as I love living in London šŸ˜‰

    1. It’s promising, so far šŸ™‚ have gotten use to the metro & RER, the staircase everywhere and the beautiful everyday sightings. Next is to find a job in my field then I’ll be complete.

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