Summer Solstice

Fete de la musique 2013

In France, the first day of summer is marked by Fete de La Musique where the amateur musicians poured their heart and soul on the street, playing for free. Literally street by street is full of musicians and crowds, staying as little or as long as they like to hear. All concerts are free as well, though I heard on recent years, there are paid concerts backing on well-known singers.

Without fail, regardless of what day of the week it is, this music festival happens on June 21 and if you are visiting France (or any city), this would be a nice event to see. Bigger cities obviously have more concerts to see. Even in the suburb like where we are staying, there were no less than 6 concerts happening at the same time. For once, there’s no list to cross, no place to be, no must and must not. All you need is a good drink on your hand (or crepes or ice cream) and good walking shoes to wander where your ears bring you. The town is yours to explore.

It’s really nice to see children sitting on the shoulder of their fathers, the little ones dancing to tunes, pets are taken out for a walk and some dancing. From jazz, to rock and roll, to country music, from hip hop to electro and techno, to world music.

Fete de la musique 3

Fete de la musique

Fete de la musique 2013-2

I am grateful every single day for as little or as long I stay in this place.



  1. Yeah you’re right. I realized later that what I experienced was very different from those concerts happening within Paris. Mega concerts, huge crowds vs. familial and close-knit. It really touched my heart to see the older peeps joined the merry in wheel chairs.

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