When One Knew What One Wanted

The nicest thing for a foodie living in Singapore is the ability to eat all sorts of cuisine, without needing to enter the kitchen nor breaking the bank. One could have Thai for lunch then a sumptuous burger for dinner. Then the next day, Swedish for lunch and Moroccan for dinner. My social life was built over food and trying different kind of cuisines. There is this small Moroccan cafe along Arab Street that I used to frequent at least once a month. I don’t remember how many friends, visitors & colleagues I have brought there. It was also a place where I used to bring H when he was in town.

Beef Vegetable Tagine

I was rather disappointed for not returning to this place when we were in town last May. I have been craving for a Tagine for a long time but only now I get to appease the cravings. It is not difficult at all to cook, in fact a little like one pot wonder.

It would be nice if I can have the Tajine claypot. Staub and Le Creuset offer them now, but boy oh boy.. step by step.
Couscous Medium
Beef Vegetable Tagine 2

(inspired by Fait Maison: Maroc by Hachette cuisine)
serve 3-4

575 gr beef brisket, sliced into 3 cm pieces against the grain
1 large yellow onion, sliced into large pieces
3-4 carrots, sliced diagonally into large pieces
2 small turnips, sliced into large pieces
half medium sized zucchini, sliced into 1 cm medallion
half medium eggplants, diced into 3 cm pieces
1/3 large floret of cauliflower, cut into large pieces
2 large clove garlic, minced

1.5 tbsp honey
5 filaments of saffron (or about 1/8 tsp saffron powder)
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp cumin seeds

Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Harissa, to serve
1 tbsp chopped cilantro, to garnish

  • Season the beef with salt & pepper. In a heavy bottom pot (with a lid), heat up some oil and then brown the beef. Set the meat aside.
  • Into the same pot, add 2-3 tbsp olive oil then add the onions. Once they turn translucent, add the beef, honey & the spices (saffron, paprika, turmeric & cumin seeds).
  • Cook for 10 mins, stirring occasionally. Add water into the pot until half of the beef is submerged. Cover the lid and let it cook over medium-high heat for one hour.
  • Add in the vegetables and add more water until the vegetables are half submerged. Cook for additional 40 mins or until the vegetables are soft.
  • Gently stir so that no vegetables are mashed in the process, taste and adjust seasoning.
  • Cook further, if you prefer, to reduce the sauce to your desired consistency. I let mine cook for additional 20 mins.
  • Serve with couscous and harissa.



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