Baking is Love Made Visible

Apricot Jam Biscuits

“Nothing can make you look more like an accomplished baker than a beautiful- and symmetrical- assortment of rolled biscuits. The little cutter does all the work and we get to take all the credit. .. Sandwich biscuits are the biscuit lover’s dream, the politest way to eat two biscuits at the same time without appearing greedy.” (Nick Malgieri, bake!)

Of all my cookbooks, I probably trust Nick’s the most. His recipes consistently turn out well for a novice (and stubborn) baker like me. His explanations are well ordered and simple, measurements are well recorded, variations are noted down, as well as remarks on serving and storage. The pages are clean, making it easy to navigate. Each chapter starts with a master recipe like sweet pastry dough, flaky pastry dough, shortcrust pastry/ crusts, etc followed by the various recipes using the dough. So it does get me awhile to attempt some of his chapters when I am already overwhelmed by the numerous steps on the master recipe. Wait for me, salmon avocado tart.. I’ll get to you one day.

Bake by Nick Malgieri

Having said that, I had no issue like runny spinach tarts. The fruit tart dough is perfectly flaky, his biscuits are indulgences. I have never heard of him before this book, which I bought one fine day while walking in Cape Town, he seems very low key as compared to other pastry chefs.

Anyway, these sandwich biscuits from the bake! cookbook are heavenly. I love how it is paired with apricot jam, creating sour and sweet combo. I don’t know how the Swiss eat it, but I love to dip it in my black coffee. I feel guilty for posting so many of his recipes here, so I’m just going to recommend you to buy the book. You can also go to his website. He offers plenty of recipes there too.

p.s. Here‘s an old interview of Nick by David Lebovitz. See how down to earth the man is, just like his recipes!


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