This blogging thing takes a lotttt of time! Taking photos, editing them, writing the post, blablabla.. there are a lot of things to do considering it’s something that I’m doing to pass time. I tried posting several times in the last few months, but then the little screamer (I said it adoringly OF COURSE. Or not) wailed. Who has time to cook, c’mon. I don’t know how other bloggers do it. I sleep every chance I get. Or whenever I’m not browsing the net or forums why my baby is gassy/pulling his hairs/not pooing and what have you. But thank God, he’s 5 months, 7.6 kg (a big potato sack, I’ve been told) and becoming more predictable. He’s been cleared to take solid too. Boy, he’s growing up fast!

Anyway, once the family visits are over, I plan to find my place back in the kitchen. At the moment, that spot is kind of occupied. Not that I’m complaining.

A bientot!



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