Special Occasion

First Order of Business

H Birthday Cake

It’s the boy’s birthday last weekend and this year, he requested a chocolate cake, a simple classic chocolate cake. It’s unusual of him since in the past he’s asked pear tart, raspberry tart, etc. He didn’t want chocolate tart or chocolate brownie cheesecake either. He wanted a chocolate birthday cake. A. Birthday. Cake.

I never gave much thought that a birthday cake would be different, besides the fact that it would be fancier. But I think I understand now.. a birthday cake would typically have 2 or more layers. Icing all around it. The simplest cake is sometimes the best, because you want to enjoy the cake (as in eat it) and not just gawking over it. You want one that you can eat again and again (when else will you truly indulge?) and not turn sick after a slice. The last bite tasting as good as the first.. (more…)