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The Magic Within

Cod Fish Tagine
I have obviously underestimated pregnancy. Miserable is probably a word too despondent to describe it, but there are moments that it describes perfectly my state of mind. On better days, I couldn’t help but laugh when Boo twists and turns, and from the outside, it appears as if there’s a worm crawling just underneath my skin. I also found reason to be all the more active during pregnancy – it knocks me out and sleep has never been as deep.

Anyway, this dish is rather like a sanity saver. Easy, check. Every day ingredients, check. Fish, check. Vegetables, check. It is nice to be eaten on its own, with couscous or sliced baguette, whatever that knocks your socks off. Any firm fish will do (like snapper), but I use cod fish.

Oh btw, I like to grate my tomatoes. The fastest and easiest way to get crumbly tomato flesh, sans skin & mess. You can also use the shock method (boiling water then ice cold bath, peel, scoop out the seeds before chopping them or using food processing). Easier still, use bottled tomato sauce.



Not Long On The Plate


It has been really hot, at times hitting 35 C. I don’t know how the kids can find the energy to run around and play. I just want to lie down and melt. Even the grass is really warm and so is my picnic mat.  I live near the forest, my complex has lots of big trees, which supposedly make the area cooler than in the city but truthfully? It doesn’t feel any different. It’s just HOT.

So when I come home, I want to eat something cooling, something light, something quick, because I’m fainting. And fattoush has been the answer for me. It is especially nice when I step on the weighing machine too!