We Are In Denial

There is something about mi-saison. The strong gust of wind and the constantly wet pavement. The dead leaves engulfing the road, making a loud cracking noise with every step we take. They stick to the pram’s wheel, and every now and then, we stop to remove the dead leaf. And yet we refuse to swap our light clothes for something thicker, hoping, praying for one last warm breeze. Just one more sunny day, that’s what we say. One more. And so we brace the cold, the wind and the rain, insisting of going to the park, taking long excursions, telling ourselves to enjoy it while it lasts. _1090054

But there is something warm about chilly weather, one that make you cocoon each other. Even the little guy is contented sitting on my lap, flipping Meg et Mog. As for me, it makes me think about hot chocolate, bubbly champagne, fresh oysters and warm apple crumble.

Truth is, when it comes to fruits, apple is as easy as you can get. It’s available all year round. There is one for every taste bud. Soft, crunchy, grainy, juicy, sweet and acidic. Tart, compote, fresh, cooked, baked. And yet, it is only during colder months that I yearn for a warm apple crumble.
Multi Layered Apple Crumble

Multi Layer Apple Crumble 2

Truly I prefer the warmer months, but I look forward to seeing mini eskimos in the playground. They are a sighting. (more…)


Happiness Is Like A Good Cookie

Oatmeal Lace CookiesIt fulfills you. It embraces you in its sweetness. And for a moment, you forget about the world, about what it says about you, about the work you still have to do. For a moment, you know you are right where you belong. Because the truth is you are programmed to love cookies.

That and broccoli stinks all the way to heaven.

Oatmeal Lace Cookies 2
I fell in love with the dainty miss lace cookie (biscuit?) for the first time when I made this almond lace cookie. They weren’t like any other cookies. They were fragile, delicate, nutty and with a tinge of chewiness. It was the perfect cookie to accompany your tea. This time round, I try making oatmeal lace cookies instead. I like the fact that all the ingredients are easily available. They are a little different from their sisters, in terms of flavor & fragrant but equally delicious.