Baking With My Baby

The apartment suddenly feels so big, too big, now that we’re back to three. In between of taking care of the little guy and manning the home, I crave for adult interactions. I miss hanging out. So this morning, I had Eve over for coffee and a little chit chat. It’s SO nice to talk about nothing.

So yesterday I made the easiest ever yoghurt cake. Or coffee cake. Or 1-in-a-bowl cake. Or more like 1-arm cake, if you have a bowl with rubber bottom, so it doesn’t move while you whisk. We, mothers to young uns, need to be creative. Like playing hide-and-seek while you make cakes. This is so not what I imagine. Maybe I will start a new category for “Mom who has no time” kind of recipes. Or “Baking with my 5-month old baby”..

Easiest Yoghurt Cake

Anyway, here’s a recipe to easiest and moist yogurt cake. The cleanest too! All you need is one yogurt pot as measurement. (more…)


Time To Stand Still

These days I wish time would stand still so that I could soak all the perfectness in my life right this second. Not perfect as in dictionary-definition perfect sans glitch or that I have it all. But the mind-heart balance I have right now, like I have no doubt, no fear about tomorrow. It is as if I’m back to my childhood, knowing only the goodness in life exists. This everyday-is-thanksgiving doesn’t happen often, but when it happens, every moment needs to be savoured.

I also suspect I have a hairline crack in my ring finger, as a result of wrestling with H on our sofa. Typing needs to be done slowly. I couldn’t lift up things that require all five fingers. But I want to give it few more days before I visit the nice doctor, just to confirm. Besides, it’s been nice exploiting H’s remorse and guilt. I have bigger ice cream portion, and extra Kit Kat. Ha! Who needs doctor?

Cardamom Yogurt Grill ChickenI don’t feel like cooking recently. Ever since we have our flights confirmed, I have been looking at the calendar every other hour, wishing the snow is waiting for me to arrive. But I made this cardamom yogurt chicken over the weekend, something simple and fuss free. It can be prepped the night before and takes minimum effort. There is no lack of flavor from the spices, and because I’m not supposed to, I poured the juices from the pan onto the rice.

Cardamom Yogurt Chicken 02