Calling It A Day

PeonyFew months and a new country later, yet another different language to pick up.. I decide to bring the curtain down on this food blog for now. I still come back regularly to get the recipes of our old favorites but time is going way too fast that blogging is just not possible. I am at this juncture in life that I know, if I don’t sit still and soak everything in, I will regret it. I will never feel this way again.

So I tell myself to spend every moment with intention, to just “be” with E while he still thinks I’m his favorite person on earth. To just “be” with H, loving him the way he deserves to be loved. He has taken a back seat ever since E arrived and all my priorities were him, but we need to be just S & H too.

I hope the good Lord is keeping you & your family safe wherever you are.

The Part of My Becoming

There is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time
– Milan Kundera

I forgot how therapeutic cooking is. Chopping, pounding, stirring, tossing.. the perfect mindless activity while I self-doubt my parenting method. Let him be. No, he doesn’t understand yet. Let him cry a little. 30 mins is not a little! Besides, he’ll outlast you. Ahh, the never ending argument. Our little guy is headstrong. When he wants something, he will fight for it till he gets it. And when we finally give in, he will let you know he wasn’t happy that you did not just succumb since the beginning. Daddy’s attempt to show who the boss is met with equal fervor. And daddy’s is not winning…

Lentil & Brussel Sprouts Salad 2

Brussel sprouts are a vegetable that only now I taste and discover. Its bad rep goes for a mile, H doesn’t really like them. Then in my attempt to convert him, I bought a kilo of it. One you-must-be-joking kilo of brussel sprouts. Hey, I bought 200 grams of it (about 10) and ate in one sitting. So I figured one kilo between the two of us is possible. Until H informed me that he’s gonna be away for a week. How convenient.

Anyway, this is a recipe from Happy Yolks that I barely modify. I found the salad to be delicious and filling. I would certainly make this again when H is back home. The only thing I would do differently is probably cut the pears thicker. Comice Pears are in season and they are really delicious. When I cut them thinly like I did here, the sweet juicy taste is overshadowed by the dressing, which is a shame. That or add them to the bowl last. (more…)

We Are In Denial

There is something about mi-saison. The strong gust of wind and the constantly wet pavement. The dead leaves engulfing the road, making a loud cracking noise with every step we take. They stick to the pram’s wheel, and every now and then, we stop to remove the dead leaf. And yet we refuse to swap our light clothes for something thicker, hoping, praying for one last warm breeze. Just one more sunny day, that’s what we say. One more. And so we brace the cold, the wind and the rain, insisting of going to the park, taking long excursions, telling ourselves to enjoy it while it lasts.¬†_1090054

But there is something warm about chilly weather, one that make you cocoon each other. Even the little guy is contented sitting on my lap, flipping Meg et Mog. As for me, it makes me think about hot chocolate, bubbly champagne, fresh oysters and warm apple crumble.

Truth is, when it comes to fruits, apple is as easy as you can get. It’s available all year round. There is one for every taste bud. Soft, crunchy, grainy, juicy, sweet and acidic. Tart, compote, fresh, cooked, baked. And yet, it is only during colder months that I yearn for a warm apple crumble.
Multi Layered Apple Crumble

Multi Layer Apple Crumble 2

Truly I prefer the warmer months, but I look forward to seeing mini eskimos in the playground. They are a sighting. (more…)

Baking With My Baby

The apartment suddenly feels so big, too big, now that we’re back to three. In between of taking care of the little guy and manning the home, I crave for adult interactions. I miss hanging out. So this morning, I had Eve over for coffee and a little chit chat. It’s SO nice to talk about nothing.

So yesterday I made the easiest ever yoghurt cake. Or coffee cake. Or 1-in-a-bowl cake. Or more like 1-arm cake, if you have a bowl with rubber bottom, so it doesn’t move while you whisk. We, mothers to young uns, need to be creative. Like playing hide-and-seek while you make cakes. This is so not what I imagine. Maybe I will start a new category for “Mom who has no time” kind of recipes. Or “Baking with my 5-month old baby”..

Easiest Yoghurt Cake

Anyway, here’s a recipe to easiest and moist yogurt cake. The cleanest too! All you need is one yogurt pot as measurement. (more…)


This blogging thing takes a lotttt of time! Taking photos, editing them, writing the post, blablabla.. there are a lot of things to do considering it’s something that I’m doing to pass time. I tried posting several times in the last few months, but then the little screamer (I said it adoringly OF COURSE. Or not) wailed. Who has time to cook, c’mon. I don’t know how other bloggers do it. I sleep every chance I get. Or whenever I’m not browsing the net or forums why my baby is gassy/pulling his hairs/not pooing and what have you. But thank God, he’s 5 months, 7.6 kg (a big potato sack, I’ve been told) and becoming more predictable. He’s been cleared to take solid too. Boy, he’s growing up fast!

Anyway, once the family visits are over, I plan to find my place back in the kitchen. At the moment, that spot is kind of occupied. Not that I’m complaining.

A bientot!


And Now We Are Three

Our little Boo arrived early at 38 w+5, much to everyone’s delight. I dreamt of a waterfall and I woke up to a wet bed and even wetter shorts. It wasn’t like Charlotte in Sex & The City , “I think my water’s just broke”. It was “Where did all this water come from? Did my entire bladder just explode?” Scary thing. I drenched 2 pads even before arriving at the hospital.

After 10 hrs of labor and 21 mins of pushing, our little E arrived. I imagined some tears, lots of tears, but what happened felt natural. “Come to mommy”, was all I said, when he was placed on my chest. And that sealed it.

The following 2 weeks were brutal. The french’s obsession with weight gain put additional pressure when E lost weight (natural for a newborn) and my milk didn’t come until day 5. The daily weigh in was stressful, I was scolded by one midwife. I was confused. Everyone were giving different advices, depending who you asked: pediatrician, midwife, or the pu√©ricultrice (pediatric nurse). My mom and mom in law would have other suggestions. I didn’t know what to do when E cried, nor the reason behind it. I gave all of me and nothing seemed enough. I remember crying alot those days. I remember having lots of misplaced anger, everyone were having a regal time with him while I crawled from feeding him then expressing my milk then it’s time to feed him again.

Then one morning, I woke up with clarity in my mind. I gave birth to him, I know him eversince he was still inside me. I know his kicks, his hiccups, and his temperament. I know him better than anyone. I just do. With that, I throw away everything I have read or heard. I start anew. And ever since, E’s weight slowly climbed back up. On Monday we were officially “cleared” by the midwife who has been following us since E left hospital. His next health check up will be done by a pediatrician in 2 weeks time.

“I like seeing you like this,” H said this morning when he saw me lying down with E sleeping peacefully on my chest.

“Me too.”

And now there are three of us.


Let’s Get Bloomin’

Spring Panzanella - Asparagus, Peas, Radish 03
I am thankful. Looking at the women in my family, I don’t know how I arrive at my pregnant silhouette. 36 weeks and 10 kgs heavier, my weight gain is largely concentrated in my protruding belly. Yeah, okay, my hip, ass and cheeks are widening as well, as my husband likes to pinch them whenever I ask “do you think I ate too much?” So I’m not complaining. But what is getting me is how big my tummy is. It’s driving me CRAAAAAAAAAAZZY. Do you know how difficult it is to save that piece of chocolate on the floor from the 5-second rule??? I couldn’t roll myself off the sofa, I couldn’t tie my shoelace and whenever I thought, yeah I can unplug the phone charger, I realize I can’t even reach the socket with bended knees! How frustrating! Though to be fair, I need to mention the benefit too. The best thing about my belly is that I have a larger body surface to catch food crumbles for after snack that’s kinda nice (H would cover his eyes whenever I have Homer moments like this).

So I really can’t wait to get back in shape. Not shape shape like supermodels quick, but just getting back to my old life where I can climb the stairs without huffing and puffing, where I can get out of my red reading chair, where I can paint my toe nails again without straining any muscles. That and wear some nice clothes too. My clothes, not H’s that don’t even cover my belly.

Garlic Parmesan Croutons 02
Spring Panzanella - Asparagus, Peas, Radish 05
So this morning, I woke up determined to get my body back. I went to the market and spent some good money on fresh vegetables. I huffed and puffed and lugged the bags home. I made this for lunch. Spring is here so let’s get blooming. (more…)